10/6 brings trust, integrity, and fun into our everyday work


  • Do what you say, say what you do
  • Always tell the truth
  • Tell clients what we believe to be right, not what they want to hear
  • Build long-term relationships, not one-off projects
  • Be respectful of clients and their culture
  • Be transparent in communication


  • Ask when you don’t know
  • Challenge yourself and the status quo
  • Be willing to communicate bad news
  • Just own it
  • Don’t be afraid to call out bad behavior
  • Be competitive with yourself more than others
  • Be flexible


  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Join in
  • Bring a positive energy to work every day
  • Laugh everyday
  • Be genuine

Woman-owned firm

Our diversity enables us to bring unique viewpoints to the table, which opens up new possibilities for you.

Independent perspective

Our independence means you can count on us for an unvarnished view of the progress of your critical initiatives.


Do what you say and say what you do.

This means exactly what it says.

No job too small or too boring.

Understand that every project lends something to your resume, your career and the firm if done well. Boring jobs lead to great results too.

Own your own mistakes.

Mistakes happen. Be the first to point it out once recognized, be the first to take responsibility for it and then be the first to present solutions to fix it.

Good work gets good work.

If we do the best job possible, on each job, we will safeguard our reputations for being solution providers and solid partners to our clients. They will naturally look to work with us in the future. People work with who they know, who they like and who they trust.

Always tell the truth.

We don’t lie about anything ever.

Be considerate of others.

ALL others—clients, fellow colleagues, strangers in the street. How we interact with the planet creeps into our every moment: our work, our personal satisfaction, our everything. Be kind.

To each his own.

If it makes someone else happy and isn’t hurting anyone then don’t judge and be pleased that someone else is happy about something. 10/6 is a family of unique individuals. We all come together to provide a combination of unique perspectives and we are stronger for it. This takes an open mind about each other’s differences and respect for how they contribute to the overall whole.