Tips For Successful Remote Working

Motive Power has fully embraced remote working for all of our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many workers throughout the country have worked remotely here and there, not very many have worked remotely full-time like many workers are today. Face-to-face interaction, new work hours, and setting up an appropriate workspace are all important things you must consider now that you are working from home.  Working from home isn’t just bringing your laptop home and setting up shop at the kitchen counter. Ensure that you and your team are set up correctly and successfully now that you are working from home.

A recent article from Inc. gives us 23 tips that will make your new remote work lifestyle transition seamlessly.

Keep up more casual communication habits

If you normally catch up with colleagues in person before a big meeting, do the same before dialing into a group conference call when everyone is remote. If you normally chat with your admin assistant first thing in the morning, do the same remotely by IM. Even when at home, you should confirm receipt of messages and check in with people when you start your day and end your day. Try to follow the same rituals and habits to maintain relationships and a sense of normalcy.

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