Billings, Oklahoma Here We Come!

After the seemingly endless limitations and interruptions due to the global pandemic, Motive Power and 10/6 are finally gearing up for their first inaugural farm day. It will be held at the Gulch Environmental Foundation’s Rainmaker Farm… Billings, Oklahoma here we come! 

Motive Power and 10/6 Professional Services strive to create a positive impact and a bright future for our people, clients, business partners, industries, and community. Company philanthropic days have been a tradition since our inception. The COVID-19 pandemic put an abrupt pause to our in-person volunteer efforts. While we have continued to fiscally support charities, we have been counting down the days to get back to in-person work and the day has finally come. Motive Power and 10/6 are setting out to The Gulch Environmental Foundation’s Rainmaker Farm on February 24th! 

Did you know our family of companies is not just limited to Motive Power and 10/6? Our CEO and founder, Angel Lance, has also started a 501-C non-profit organization, the Gulch Environmental Foundation. With the pursuit to solve the current climate crisis through carbon sequestration, The Gulch Foundation acquired Rainmaker Farm at the end of 2020. The Farm is located in the Great Plains region of the United States, an area of high soil degradation. In recent efforts, the Gulch has taken tangible steps to regenerate the soil through changed land management practices, with no-till and soil restoring plantings.    

10/6 and Motive Power have booked their trip and are ready to get to work! This won’t be your typical team building event or corporate charity day; employees will spend the day getting their hands dirty to get necessary work done around the farm. Our planned activities include: 

  • Planting perimeter trees and orchards 
  • Garden planting 
  • Tree and bush removal 
  • Setting up bee and owl boxes 
  • Mapping, recording, and management 
  • Picking up trash 

The Gulch is a fully donation-funded program, so farm day will be instrumental in its development. Our team will leave a tangible contribution to the farm’s progress and help accelerate its path to regenerative farming. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the first inaugural farm day and our future progress at Rainmaker Farm!