Sustainability Impact

Delivering capital projects that build a more sustainable world

In today’s business landscape, aligning projects with sustainability considerations is crucial. Not only do stakeholders demand environmental and social responsibility, ignoring these factors have serious financial ramifications. At 10/6, we help you navigate sustainability complexities with tailored solutions, integrating these vital concerns into your core strategy, ensuring long-term success and responsible corporate citizenship.

Our team of experts can advise on how to integrate sustainability impact goals, ensure ethical governance, and drive social responsibility within your projects.

      • Sustainability Project Management: We use robust project management tools with environmental considerations forefront, to allow specific sustainability objectives to be key performance indicators in your projects.
      • Sustainability Cost Controls: Our team will work with you to understand and manage the cost implications of implementing sustainability factors in your projects. We help to identify potential sustainability-related expenses and offer advice on how to mitigate these costs effectively.
      • Sustainability Scheduling Advisory: We provide advice on scheduling project activities in a manner that aligns with sustainability principles, aiding in planning tasks that minimize environmental impact and maximize social benefits while adhering to strict governance standards.
      • Sustainability Risk Management Consulting: Our consulting service helps companies identify, assess, and mitigate sustainability-related risks in their projects, aiding in predicting potential sustainability-related issues and taking proactive measures to avoid them.
      • Sustainability Compliance Guidance: We provide guidance and advice on adhering to both local and international regulations, helping your organization stay compliant and avoid potential fines or sanctions.
      • Sustainability Training: We offer a comprehensive training program for your team, helping to educate them on sustainability principles, the importance of  social responsibility, and ethical governance. We train them on how to implement these principles in project management, cost control, and scheduling activities.  Our training series as a service to helps you implement a robust sustainability-aware culture within your own organization.

By leveraging our expertise, your team will be empowered to make informed decisions, drive sustainable growth, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence.

Overall, 10/6’s  sustainability Integrated Project Management services represents a game-changer for those seeking to streamline their operations while also prioritizing the future. It’s a vital tool for the modern, eco-conscious enterprise.

Impact University

10/6 is proud to present our ‘Impact University,’ an extensive series of internal training programs designed to equip our project management experts with in-depth knowledge of sustainability alignment considerations and regulations across various industries. Whether it’s defining project health metrics to govern the success of a project or tailoring project status communications to more effectively reach under served community stakeholders impacted by a project or identifying ways to reduce a project team’s carbon footprint – sustainability is front and center with every project we deliver. Our rigorous training curriculum transforms our project managers into sustainability subject matter experts, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest trends, best practices, and compliance requirements to better serve your organization.

Sustainability Impact Case Studies

Coal Ash Removal at Decommissioned Power Plants
A major utility in a southeastern U.S. state of coal ash ponds wanted to clean up 12 coal ash ponds at decommissioned power plants. Our team provides oversight, identifies improvement opportunities, and ensures consistency across all sites. By removing toxic coal ash, we aim to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and safeguard public health.


The initiative focuses on the remediation of coal ash ponds resulting from the decommissioning of 12 coal-fired power plants in a southeastern U.S. state. Our role is to provide additional oversight in terms of costs, schedule, risks, and change management. We aim to identify opportunities for improvement, conduct in-depth reviews of project variances, and offer recommendations to enhance consistency across all sites.

We conduct monthly site visits to meet with on-site project teams and discuss the progress of the work. Our team submits a monthly assessment report to the local power company, outlining observations and control analyses for each site to help identify trends, challenges, and achievements. The ultimate goal is to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

The project has significant environmental implications as coal ash contains a toxic mix of mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals. This waste can pollute waterways, endanger wildlife, and cause respiratory illnesses for those living nearby large storage ponds.

The process of coal ash removal mitigates both groundwater pollution sources and the risk of catastrophic spills resulting from containment failures due to extreme weather events such as floods. By cleaning up these coal ash ponds, the project aims to have a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of surrounding communities.

Empowering Economies through Sustainable Energy Infrastructure
A major Western Public Utility embarked on an ambitious project to set up 500 miles of renewable power infrastructure, aiming to boost the rural economy while meeting their decarbonization targets. With an aggressive timeline of being in service by 2025, the $1.8 billion renewable energy program was identified to enhance electric reliability by 2030, in accordance with US guidelines, and achieve state decarbonization goals.


To ensure a successful implementation of the project, the public utility collaborated with 10/6, which provided a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) team for risk assessment, cost controls, and scheduling for the multi-billion dollar portfolio. 10/6 leveraged a dual cost and schedule analyst model to keep costs and dates aligned, offering proactive portfolio analysis to manage monthly cash flow. Additionally, a standalone program was introduced to pilot cutting-edge processes, tools, and methodologies, along with program-level reporting for senior leadership.

The strategic partnership with 10/6 proved to be highly effective, resulting in a low monthly forecast variance of around 1%, serving as a powerful driver of achieving annual spending targets. The strong collaboration and commitment to innovation enabled the Western Public Utility to progress steadily toward their goal of setting up a robust renewable power infrastructure to support the rural economy and achieve their decarbonization targets.

This project highlights the importance of strategic planning, effective partnership, and innovative approaches in achieving complex, large-scale infrastructure projects. The project not only aligns with the utility’s decarbonization goals but also serves as a model for other public utilities and private entities looking to transition towards sustainable energy sources. By demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of such large-scale infrastructure projects, partnership with 10/6 sets the stage for further innovation and investment in renewable energy, fostering a greener, more prosperous future for all.

Investment for Sustainability Impact

10/6 is dedicated to supporting Investment for Sustainability Impact (IFSI) initiatives. Our consultants and project managers provide expert guidance on responsible investment opportunities while we actively support projects like the Gulch Environment Foundation. We participate in UN Sustainability Reporting, reflecting our commitment to transparency and IFSI principles. Partner with 10/6 to benefit from our expertise, investment insights, and passion for fostering a sustainable future.


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