Improving your business with an eye toward sustainability

Meet Our Family

We take pride in our continuous involvement in a growing variety of efforts. Over the years we have evolved from just our work and our people. Our passions have taken us beyond the Motive Power name. We focus on producing a positive impact and bright future for our people, clients, business partners, industries, and community.

Motive Power has excelled in the world of project management, providing both execution and consulting—two services that work harmoniously with each other. Some stakeholders have viewed Motive Power as a company that provides best-in-class project management resources while others have viewed Motive Power as a company that provides process improvement and change consulting. To provide clarity on our two styles of work to new and existing stakeholders, we created 10/6 Professional Services–Motive Power’s sister company.

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The driving purpose behind 10/6 is to continue to provide our clients with project management experts to fill Project Manager, Project Controls Analyst, and Project Scheduler roles. Meanwhile, Motive Power focuses on project and organizational consulting. 10/6 operates under the Motive Power umbrella and shares the same company values—integrity, fearlessness, and fun. 10/6 employees continue to operate with our client’s best interest as a guiding force. The big question is— what changes with the creation of 10/6? The only change our clients will see, aside from a different logo and color scheme, is the increased ability to answer staffing needs and requests from clients. 

10/6 has grown into a high-performance professional services firm and Woman-Owned Small Business that provides project management resources, as a perfect complement to Motive Power’s core consulting capabilities. 10/6 manages and executes all types of projects, specializing in the delivery of large capital infrastructure projects. 10/6’s approach to project management perfectly marries deep technical and methodological understanding with people skills, empathy, and expert intuition.


Founded by Motive Power CEO Angel Lance, the NPUC formed in mid to late 2020 from a series of conversations where public utilities were looking to speak with their industry brethren to:

  1. Benchmark decarbonization practices
  2. Share lessons learned across different geographic and socio-economic environments
  3.  Come to a place where a compendium of knowledge is stored on the subject
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Due to the likelihood there would not be a utility with the capacity to organize this type of forum, Motive Power took on the initiative and the NPUC was born… and has taken it one step further by:

  • Hosting Bi-Monthly Roundtable Discussions to facilitate conversation and collaborative discussion of decarbonization efforts and lessons learned
  • Managing a website that houses a repository of resources on technology, strategy, news, reports, legislation, and more
  • Surveying utilities across the nation and publishing regular research reports on decarbonization
  • Working alongside their media partner, Visual Capitalist, to create graphics full of rich content encapsulating what utilities are looking for in taking their next steps to net zero.
  • As this organization has come to fruition, it has already made a remarkable impact. The representation and commitment from those who not only brought NPUC to life, but the utilities that participate brings a promise to a better future. NPUC is allowing for utilities to tackle the road to decarbonization together.


The Motive Power CEO and founder, Angel Lance, started The Gulch Environmental Foundation with the vision of helping the environment’s long-time facing issues that need to be handled now for a habitable earth for our future generations. How? Through carbon sequestration.

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Rainmaker Farm

At present, the Gulch’s highlighted project is Rainmaker Farm—a 160-acre parcel that is a working landscape located in Noble County, just under 1 hour north of Stillwater, Oklahoma. We have officially transitioned the farm from conventional wheat (tilled and non-organic) to no-till regenerative farming. Our Year 1 planting plan is in the ground, including annual crops, soil building cover crops, deep-rooted cover crops, pollinator habitat, and the orchard. Soil baseline monitoring has been conducted by the University, allowing The Gulch to document the change in carbon soil levels our actions result in. We have also begun livestock incorporation with the addition of 4 beehives and the incorporation of ecological-based pest management through the installation of Barn Owl boxes.  

Donating Done Differently

After donating to charitable causes, there is often frustration about not knowing where your money went and what good it actually did. Motive Power CEO Angel Lance decided to do things a little differently; the Gulch Environmental Foundation communicates openly how money is distributed as well as its impact through project reporting available to the general public and specific reporting available to its donors.

Oh Wait, There’s More!

The Gulch Environmental Foundation continuously encourages employees to volunteer to learn about green options for everyday living and discusses various green options in practice, products, trends, investments, etc.—all things related to sustainable living and business development. Additionally, the Foundation dedicates effort toward modern and innovative scientific theories to develop, validate, and employ solutions for scalable sustainability.


Motive Power is a management consulting firm dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives in the utilities and transportation sectors. With a focus on optimization through three service lines – change adoption, data innovation, and organizational development – we strive to help our clients transition to a more sustainable future while driving business growth and increasing operational efficiency. Our team of experts brings a unique blend of acumen and empathy to drive meaningful, measurable, and sustainable results for our clients