Our Project Management Approach

10/6 is talent you can trust to get the job done—on time, on budget, on purpose. Our dynamic resources work not just to get the job done but to exceed expectations.

How we accomplish this

Our approach to project management perfectly marries deep technical and methodological understanding with people skills, empathy, and expert intuition. These approaches help our team to:

  • Focus on both people and tools
  • Avoid and minimize risks
  • Drive project activities
  • Communicate effectively
  • Manage engagements dynamically

Our resources, combined with our project management approaches, ensure we deliver in line with (or above!) our internal delivery standards and client expectations.

Our Approach

What makes us different

Our team isn’t just resources thrown onto a contract. All 10/6 resources have support from subject matter experts, the executive leadership team, and our internal quality control. Our methodologies help lead our people to know exactly what to do and put your next project to bed on time, on budget, and better than expected.